This, THAT! and the other

by | Dec 4, 2017

This, THAT! and the other….

Another Friday filled with THAT! First off, we have the next ice cream counter IPA ready for lift-off. Blueberry Shake THAT! is ready to make your summer slip from so-so to super. Can a beer do THAT!? Yes. The answer is yes.  The second installment of the Shake series is a totally hazy and turbid NE-style IPA with blueberry, vanilla, and lactose sugar sitting right at 7% ABV.  And the color? Somewhere resting comfortably but unexpectedly between purple and blue. Cranky Old Guy Voice: “Huh? Blue beer? With blueberries in it? And some wacko-lacto-somethin’-or-another? Boy, back in my day, all beer looked like pee and tasted like it too. And we never put no gosh darn fruit in it to make it taste better. Pish-posh!” Well grandpa, the future is now. Actually, as of this writing, it’s about 13 hours away. 12 pm on Friday, June 16th, you can taste the future. No DeLorean required.

17 hours from now will also bring the first drops of Mosaic Citra THAT! from tap to glass to your taste buds and into your belly.  Tim has been researching and working diligently, along with Jason McLaughlin, to hone in, refine, and get closer to our definition of perfection with the NE-style IPA. “Perfect” doesn’t exist, but this is a step closer.  With each batch, the bitterness level is subdued a little more as it is here. But never fear, flavor craver- there’s still enough going on to make your taste buds arise from their slumber and awake from their sleep.  There’s a fine line between refined bitterness and benign flavor. Personally, I prefer to err on the side of caution and keep some bitterness where it rightfully belongs in an IPA. But then maybe I’m just that cranky old guy. Takes one to know one.

See you whippersnappers Friday at high-noon.