Shake THAT! 80’s Butt!

by | Dec 3, 2017

Shake THAT! 80’s Butt!

Friday we came out with a trio of hoppy, hazy beers. Here’s the lowdown:

Strawberry Shake THAT! is a single version of THAT! (Totally Hazy and Turbid) with strawberry and lactose sugar added. The strawberry does what strawberries do. This is barefoot in the garden strawberry. This is not syrupy, synthetic Laffy Taffy fruit fallacy.  The lactose sugar adds additional creaminess and the sweetness needed to make the shake SHAKE.  Get this Zesto zinger while it’s around, which won’t be for long. 7% ABV.

Cashmere THAT! Pale Ale is a hazy pale hopped with Cashmere hops. I guess the answer is in the question with this one. Cashmere is a relatively new American hop. Low bitterness with a slightly thinner mouthfeel than THAT!’s bigger brothers. Summertime for sure. Only a couple of kegs of this one as well. You snooze, you lose. Another seven percenter.

Nitro Mosaic Citra THAT! is just tha…THAT! Doubled down on the hop combo for this hazer. Nitro beers in general, but especially IPA’s can be a bit polarizing. Some embrace, some yell BLASPHEMY from the mountain tops. Not that anyone cares what I think, but I’m going to tell you anyway. I dig nitro IPA’s when done to my definition of ‘properly.’ Conventionally carbonated beer accentuates, amplifies, and magnifies the hop aroma and flavor. For the hop character to stand on its own with nitro beers, the hops gotta be more self-dependent to make their statement. They gotta be DIY. They gotta be punk rock. They have to book their own show because no one is going to do it for them. Nitro IPA’s- the punk rock of craft beer. Either way, I wouldn’t trade nitro beers for traditionally carbed beers or vice versa. It’s good to have options. And if you want to explore this option, it’s even more limited than the first two beers. We only have one keg of the stuff – and no Crowlers. Nitro beers don’t like Crowlers. Remember, they’re punk. 7% ABV.

Earlier in the week we tapped Freaky Tiki. Freaky Tiki is a coconut and pineapple gose. Thus far, Freaky Tiki is one of those beers that gets flavor impressions all over the board. “I totally get the coconut.” “I don’t get a lot of coconut, but I totally get the pineapple.” And on and on. Me? Weird, odd nose that is probably more salt than anything. The flavor is the sum of its parts resulting in its own thing.  Refreshing and delicious. If you put the beer in front of me with no description or power of suggestion, I don’t know that I would be able to pick out the flavors- which is beautiful. It’s mysterious. It’s Dave Brubek in its smile inducing accessibility while being different enough to make you want to dig past the surface to figure out what the heck is going on. Freaky Tiki isn’t tabu, we promise. Get Freaky. 5.6% ABV.

And speaking of getting freaky- get ready for Final Friday! What’s Final Friday? It’s a craft beer 80’s dance party done up Boiler style! Friday, June 30th from 9 pm – 1 am. Get ready to get down! DJ Matty Fresh will be playing 80’s greaties. You know you’ve always wanted a reason to spray two and a half cans of hairspray on your head in an attempt to look like Flock of Seagulls. Now’s your chance! And all in the name of craft beer, fun, fun, and fun. Final Friday will be held in Boiler Grand Hall which is on the third floor of the Grand Manse- the building in which we reside. You don’t have to dress the part to attend, but you’ll dance better if you do. $5. 21+

Over and out.