Boiler Brewing Company blog post #1 ready for take off.

by | Dec 1, 2017

Boiler Brewing Company blog post #1 ready for take off.

On Friday, we tapped the next chapter in the book of THAT! (Totally Hazy And Turbid) IPA’s. This version is an IIPA hopped with Galaxy. We did this beer with local home brewer, cyclist, and super nice guy James Ehrman. James’ nickname is “Ehrman Hammer” so naturally we called the beer Double Galaxy Hammer THAT!  Naturally.

It’s a hazy, citrus, hop-hop hooray! Only by the name and ABV (8.5%) would you believe it’s a double. The bitterness and booze notes are low, low, low. Like a jazz musician, let THAT! warm up a bit and its true colors come out.

To me, the nuances of the beer are lively and fun. Us beer folk get pretty caught up shoving our noses in glasses half-filled with beer, squinting our eyes, looking for the meaning of life woven through the layers of beer sensory evaluation as we take that first sip deconstructing every bit of everything pertaining to that moment and beer. I do it too. But I have to admit, there are times I’m in a room full of like-minded individuals doing like-minded sniffing and sipping, and at some point during the process I feel like I could very well be in a Saturday Night Live skit. I then get paranoid and start looking for hidden cameras. Just kidding- about the camera part, not the SNL part.

Double Galaxy Hammer THAT! is a fun beer. Sure, you can evaluate, deconstruct, pick apart and put back together the beer. Admittedly, the devil is in the details and there are details here for sure. But you don’t have to take it to that level to “get it.” I would argue you probably should never have to do that to enjoy any beer.

Double Galaxy Hammer THAT!: the Ferris Wheel of craft.