Boiler Society | The 200

To join The 200, you must first be a part of our Boiler Society Lite membership.

Benefits limited solely to Boiler Society card-carrying Members:

*$1 off 16oz, 10oz, and 6oz (mead) pour discount available to the present Boiler Society Member only.

      • This applies to 16oz pours and 10oz pours of Beer, Cider and Seltzer as well as, 6oz pour of Mead.
      • Cannot be applied to 4oz pours
      • Must be present to redeem benefit

*$1 off crowler purchases — up to 6 per day

*Boiler Brewing Company will hold bottles for no longer than one week from the Boiler Society Member release date. After the first week (entering the second week), there is no longer a guarantee on availability and remaining bottles will be offered to Boiler Society Lite Members.

*Limited Release Bottles are only available at our downtown location at 129 N 10th St, Lincoln, NE

*Bottle proxying is allowed during Boiler Society only release weeks. Once the bottles become available to Boiler Society Lite Members, bottle proxying is not allowed —you must be present to purchase.

*Must show ID as well as your Boiler Society membership card each time a benefit is used

*2021 Boiler Society Membership is valid through 11:59pm 12/31/2021

*2021 Open Enrollment for the people on the BSM waiting list will begin on Dec 15th, 2021 (if any member spots are available)

*Boiler Society is limited to 200 members

*Boiler Brewing Company cannot guarantee release dates and availability of beer selections and merchandise

*Boiler Society Members will be notified via email and BSM Facebook Page regarding bottle releases and other BSM related items

*There are no refunds or prorated memberships.

*By purchasing you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

*Memberships are non-transferrable.